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Agarwood: The Scent of Paradise!

Agarwood has been known since ancient times for its fragrance. Its aroma and fragrance are valued in many cultures. It comes from the heartwood of Aquilaria trees that are usually found in Southeast Asia. When these trees are attacked by a certain Fungus or Mold, the tree produces a resin as a defense mechanism. This resin is the key ingredient in Oud Perfumes.


Why Agarwood is Expensive?

Agarwood is known as one of the most expensive raw materials in perfume and attar making. That is because the time and process it takes to make this resin are lengthy and time-consuming. The scent differs from tree to tree and according to the wood used.

On the other hand, Oud is the oil that is distilled and extracted from the resin and then sold according to its purity with the purest being the most expensive. It is worth noting that not all Aquilaria trees can produce the heartwood that secretes resin. The reason why agarwood is so expensive is the fact that its natural resource has been greatly depleted.

The fragrance of Agarwood :

Agarwood has a rather characteristic scent which has notes of woody and Amber with a hint of curious notes that are special to Agarwood. The scent is such intoxicating that if once a person gets used to Oud; which is the extracted perfume of Agarwood, the person sometimes forever settles for Oud as their signature scent.

How to use Agarwood for Aroma

  1. Electric Heater If you are fond of aesthetically pleasing views while burning Agarwood, this is the premium method to do so. There are a variety of electric heaters that are available for use. These devices will heat the wood gently so that the wood does not ignite and you get the scent without any ‘burnt’ notes.

  2. Incense Burner or Coal This is a traditional method used in the Middle East. They use an incense burner or coal to burn the wood. But unlike the electric heater, this burns wood chips more quickly and produces lots of smoke which might not be ideal for some people. To enjoy the fragrant benefits to the full, be cautious with coal. The ideal situation is when coal has developed a white layer of ash on it then apply the wood. If you apply the wood too early, the coal will burn the wood chips and produce a burnt and smoky smell.

  3. Homemade Method This is a method not preferred but used when you do not have the other two options available. You will need a naked flame such as a lighter and some aluminum foil or any other thin metal. You have to place the wood directly on the aluminum foil and burn it as much as you can with the naked flame. Not ideal, but this method will produce fragrance but is a little risky.

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