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Buy Dubai Perfume Oil & Attar at the Best Price Online - Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes

Get the best deals on Dubai perfume oil and attar by shopping online at MBP Shop. It is Dubai's number-one luxury perfumery for original designer fragrances and an authorized agent for hundreds of luxury and niche brands. Our online store makes it easy for you to explore the world of sophisticated scents and shop for your favorite fragrances in the UAE.


The unique feature of MBP Shop is that we offer a personalized consultation service to our customers. This service allows customers to speak directly with an attar perfume expert at MBP, who will help them choose the perfect scent based on their preferences, personality, and occasion.


Experience Personalized Online Best Attar Perfume Store in Dubai with MBP Shop

MBP Shop is your favorite Dubai perfume oil and attar store. We offer the most unique attar scents to our passionate customers. Discover an unmatched and best-selling collection of attar perfumes, crafted from the finest ingredients, and elevate your sensory experience. 


What sets us apart is that each of our perfumes is made with the customer's unique preferences in mind. Delight your senses with our exclusive range of scents that can infuse any indoor or outdoor space with a delightful aroma, making every moment more enjoyable.


Choose Amazing Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes Oil & Oud Online

At Mohd Balhowaimil perfumes shop online, our impressive selection consists of attar perfume oils and oud, ranging from timeless classics to modern creations. We craft attar oils using a variety of natural ingredients to create concentrated, long-lasting scents.


If you're looking for the Best Oud Perfumes in Dubai, MBP Shop could be your first choice. Our oud is derived from the resinous wood and bark of the Oud tree, carefully harvested from specially selected oud trees.

These alcohol-free fragrances are delicately designed to be dabbed onto pulse points, rather than heavily spritzed all over.


Find an Extensive Range of the Best Attar & Fragrance perfume in the UAE

MBP  is your ultimate destination for finding an extensive range of the best attar & fragrance perfume in UAE. We boast a collection of 300+ sophisticated fragrances to enhance your personality to a royal one. 


Crafted by perfumers with a golden experience of over 40 years, our fragrances can amaze generations of perfume users from classic to the youngest ones.  MBP's range of concentrated perfumes pays a true homage to oud - the rich and smoky resin distilled from the agarwood tree. 


Choose Your Favorite Attar Collection Today

Discover your signature scent and elevate your fragrance game with our exquisite collection of attar perfumes. Browse our selection and choose your favorite attar collection today to experience the captivating power of scent.


Each fragrance on our shelves is carefully formulated to provide a long-lasting and captivating fragrance that will always leave a lasting impression. Crafted with the finest ouds and expertly blended, our selection of perfumes offers a fragrance that is truly unparalleled in quality and sophistication. 


How to buy perfume Online in UAE from MBP Shop

With our easy-to-shop online store, you can browse, select and order your favorite perfumes from the comfort of your own home. Experience the exotic allure of Dubai with our premium range of oil perfumes. 


We take pride in delivering exceptional attar perfumes that are crafted with care and attention to detail. With our commitment to using only the best quality natural ingredients, you can trust MBP Shop to provide you with the highest quality attar perfume oils and oud available online.

Explore the beauty of our natural fragrances and find your signature scent today.

Core Business Activities


Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes EST is selling all kinds of branded and unbranded perfumes, Attars, Ouds, Dahn Al Oud, Perfume Oil, and all kind of perfumery accessories in all retail branches.

Mohd Balhowaimil Perfume believes that the real progress of this business started after going through direct perfume manufacturing with its very own and very unique concept and fragrance blend at the end of 2015. Now, the company owns about more than 100 individual items including Perfumes, Home fragrances, Bakhoor, Dhan Al Oud, etc.

The total of our business revenue is always taken ahead by wholesale activities. We are directly whole selling all our branded perfumes, air fresheners, bakhoor, etc in large quantities every month in the GCC and Europe markets.

Due to the demand of the era and finding the platform easier, more flexible, and more trusted, Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes also stepped ahead to the e-commerce business. Now It operates online sales with some very famous e-commerce marketplaces named Amazon ( and Noon ( besides its own e-commerce website

The Story Of MBP SHOP

Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes EST was founded in 1976 by Mr. Abdul Jalil, a Bangladeshi national, with the aim of delivering high-quality Oud and Dhan Al Oud through home delivery. Mr. Jalil's dedication, commitment to the business, and authentic products quickly made his name famous and trustworthy.


The company's first physical store was established in the Town Center of Al Ain City in 1996. Initially, the business focused on Oud, Dahn Al Oud, Attars, and a few local branded perfumes, but as the business grew, it expanded into other areas of fragrance.


In 2002, Mr. Jalil handed over the business to his son Hafiz Ahmed, who helped the business grow even faster. Today, MBP operates eight exclusive branches in prime commercial areas of Al Ain city and has established a unique reputation and brand value. Read more about us.

Why Choose MBP Shop?

Choosing MBP Shop means choosing a commitment to excellence and a passion for crafting the finest perfumes. 


At MBP Shop, we believe in using only the highest quality natural ingredients in our perfumes. From our attar oils to our oud perfumes, every fragrance is crafted with organic compounds only and in most traditional perfumery styles.


With our long and aromatic history of making the most delicate attar perfumes, you can always be sure about your fragrant personality with us. 


We offer home deliveries for orders over 400 AED. You can now order your perfume and get it on your hands within the shortest possible time across GCC.


Choose MBP Shop for your next fragrance purchase and experience the beauty and luxury of our natural perfumes.

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