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As the name suggests, the basic recognizable scent of this delicate bottle of fragrance is composed of top notes of ylang flower itself hints notes of custard and apricot. The second scent of top notes jasmine is fulfills the fresh nature of this fragrance. A fresh clean scent of orange blossoms is a whole treat of a scent itself as it delivers the citrus filled aroma to the fragrance. Balanced notes of tartness are expressed by the top notes of bergamot carefully formulated with adequate amount of woody base notes. Amber, a blend of musky and sweet notes, intensifies the spice of the perfume and adding a layer of warm notes to it. Tuberose middle notes, which is said to be the most fragrant plant and for a good reason due to its opulent scent, with a creamier and deeper aspect. Bringing a luminous effect to the perfume, base notes of solar gives an essence of a tropical flower leaving a minty effect jasmine and banana peels.

Ylang & Jasmine

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