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The top notes of intense bergamot blending with lemon and like give an intoxicating yet a is dryer, lighter and sweeter than lemon-like scent. The middle notes of jasmine, an aromatic scent that is rich and sweet, is alone almost too sweet of an aroma. However, when combined with other middle notes of rose it is just the right touch as it varieties boast both colorful blooms and fabulous floral aromas. Middle notes of ylang ylang and peppery fig, depict a fusion of a deep, rich aroma that's slightly feminine and floral. It brings hints of custard, jasmine, honey and spice. It also bears characteristics of earthiness and greenery. Agar wood base notes having scent of oud like, filled with depth followed by oak moss brings out the flavors of the mix of patchouli, saffron, orris root bringing musk, a fusion of scents that bears the earthiness akin to the aroma that comes from wet soil.

Terroni Oriento

SKU: 9782106293623