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The super cedar, launched in 2021, by Obsede is part of the brand new luxury collection recently launched, processed with one of the finest top notes of Calabria bergamot and spicy pepper, delivering a rich and deep scent. The intoxicating scent of middle notes of Sichuan pepper adds the lemony zest touch to the bottle. The delicate sweet smell of lavender middle notes balances the aromatic odour with its exquisite qualities. A cheerful perfumery middle note of pink pepper delivers a sharp peppery scent with rosy overtones. The spice to sweet ratio of the earthy vetiver and patchouli adds a soft piquancy to fragrances by allowing floral and woody notes to shine through in a clearer way. The middle notes of germanium exhibit the citrus and fruity accents with a hint of spice. Middle notes of elemi sharp balsamic spicy fused with base notes if ambroxan provides the strong musky and delicate odour. The base notes of camphoraceous cedar and leathery labdanum gives the fragrance its everlasting effect.

Super Cedar

SKU: 9781202004072