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Raw Pleasure launched in 2020 as the name suggests is an intense scented perfume due to its top notes of mandarin orange, illustrating tanginess. The exclusive yet subtle scent of this new fragrance is depicted by the peppery sharp ginger top notes blended with simple middle notes of fresh white flowers. 


This perfume is especially made by Obsede for both men and women due to its soft feminine scents of top notes of sweet raspberry fused with middle notes of rose and orange blossom, engulfed with base notes of amber and woody patchouli. Shop Raw pleasure Eau De Parfum is a Unisex which is suitable for both men and women and easy to familiar with it.


The scent of middle notes of fresh, spring-like lily of the valley mixed with hints of tonka bean, powdery, and mineral base notes makes it an amusing fragrance to be used. 

Raw Pleasure Eau De Parfum 100 Ml

SKU: 9780606210911