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A bouquet of freshness and unique blends of notes, Leo gives you the Pumbaa. From one of its top notes that will welcome you with freshness and very aromatic scent Cardamom, followed by a sweet, fruity, and honey-like scent from Plum. Green notes add to the freshness and Lavender gives a calm, floral, and woodsy scent at the same time. You can never go wrong with a perfume blended with Bergamot and Citruses that gives a citrusy to the perfume. A noticeable middle note of warm nutty scent from Cumin combined with sweet facet Nutmeg and warm vanilla-like Cinnamon smells like a freshly baked goods added with Rose, Violet, and Jasmine improves a freshness, soft, flora scent. A form of smoky and tarry scent comes from the Leather, Agarwood, and Cedar as a base. The incense has a floral scent with a hint of spice while the Patchouli has a sweet and musky-earthy scent.


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