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Ocean Edge is an aromatic fragrance that will ooze you with its unique blends of notes, Orange top note will welcome you with its citrusy yet refreshing cheerful scent reminiscent of summer and warm weather combined with Lemon that gives a clean-citrusy smell and Juniper contributes a spicy, woody, and resinous scent. Middle notes are Pepper that has a warm and spicy scent merged with an earthy aroma and herbaceous scent from Sage, Geranium with rosy yet lemony scent enhanced with Lavender that gives a delicate sweet floral and evergreen woodsy scent at the same time. Cedar wood as a base note gives some balsamic undertones and a camphoraceous odor while the Vetiver provides an earthy woody, leathery and smoky scent to the Ocean Edge mingled with Patchouli that gives strong, sweet scent with Amber that gives a warm, lightly sweet fragrance. Ocean Edge will never disappoint you with its brilliance and long- lasting aroma.

Ocean Edge

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