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Moody Floret will lift your mood with its delicate and classic combination of aroma. This cologne will welcome you with a fresh and spicy fizzy odor combined with Lime that gives a fantastically juicy, tart citrus scent together with Black pepper that has a fresh, warm-spicy, woody with a slight touch of refreshing bitterness. Green Tea as middle note gives a freshly cut grass scent, Jasmine has a floral, rich, and sweet scent while Iris gives a floral and woody scent. Base notes are composed of Leather gives a smoky, tarry scent, Cedar wood has a balsamic undertone and a camphoraceous odor, Sandal with a mix of sweet, earthy, and woody scent, Musk gives an earthy, woody, animalistic scent while the Vetiver gives a dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoke smell. Moody Floret will tickle you with its amazing aroma.

Moody Floret

SKU: 9782108300855