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Meadow Glow is a unique view of the world that is immediately harmonized with a soft and gentle scent. The top note of saffron, rose, lily of the valley, and Ylang Ylang makes it a little tight, but the scent is very beautiful.


However, the element of jasmine can be felt strongly. It has a feminine scent that makes you feel a little cute, the lilies are really in bloom in the fragrance considering the middle notes of owl, patchouly, spicy notes, and owl.


Mixed with the freshness of the flowers, the supple elegance of musk, sandal, Poudre, and castoreum bloom with a single flower, and the strength is all contained in this drop.

Meadow Glow Eau De Parfum 100 Ml

SKU: 9782111161030
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum