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The days are getting longer and this wondersome perfume makes the spring even more enthusiastic. A pure white floral scent featuring mandarin orange blossom, strawberry, cherry, and pineapple gives a fruity and freshness scent as a top note. The gentle scent is perfect for someone who likes sweet aroma. The middle notes of popcorn, caramel, rose, jasmine and violet are very close friends, but the dissonance of cotton candy! Light citrus floral with all of these. The most desirable mixture so far. It is exactly that the sweetness that you do not know is approaching from the bottom. Gives a dazzling effect the patchouli, musk, and amber provide the engrossing touch to scent. It is a perfume that goes well with sun-lit skin.


SKU: 9782010201066
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum