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Leashuuz is one-off a kind perfume that can be used by men and women. A Calabrian Bergamot as a top note will tickle you with its fresh, citrusy hint of floral aroma added with Pepper with a hot and earthy spice scent. 


A touch of aromatic, spicy with a citrus aroma comes from the Sichuan Pepper as a middle note. Pink Pepper has a spicy scent with rosy overtones that allows the floral scent of Lavender to shine. Vetiver gives a warm conveying earthy, woody, smoky scent.


A musky-earthy with a hint of sweetness scent came from Patchouli, Geranium adds a citrus and fruity accent with a hint of spice. Elemi has a balsamic-spicy and almost lemony scent.


As the middle note starts to face the Ambroxan from the base note will welcome you with its sweet-earthy and woody-ambary scent, the Cedar has a balsamic woody odor combined with Labdanum that adds a rich, leathery, smoky, and sweet odor. 


It has some extraordinary features that can suit easily for men and women. Leashuuz is the best choose for those who are finding the day to night long-lasting perfume. 

Leo Elliots Leashuuz EDP 150 ML

SKU: 8820200505028