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A bouquet of crispness and exceptionality that will blow your mind with its remarkable aroma from high-quality materials Carter Cologne presents Fletching Fleur. Aldehydic as top note has an almond-like scent, Grapefruit delivers a bitterish citrusy scent, Ginger has a spicy fizzy odor while Apple have a fresh fruit, sweet scent. Middle note composed of Sage has an earthy aroma and herbaceous scent. Lavender gives a delicate sweet floral and evergreen woodsy scent at the same time, Geranium with rosy yet lemony scent. Base notes are comprised of Cedar with a clean, balsamic woody odor. Tonka bean gives a nutty aroma, Labdanum gives a sweet and leathery scent while the Patchouli gives a strong, sweet scent. Fletching Fleur will captivate your heart with this combination of materials.

Fletching Fleur

SKU: 9782108300848