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The composition has a fruity start, followed by an intoxicating scent of Calabria bergamot and a dark chypre base of raspberries and peachy scented like pear top notes. It opens up with sweet scents of strawberry. The top notes of scents dominated by the datura flower portray a pleasant honeysuckle-like scent. Bouquet of peonies adds a crisp aroma; their fragrance is a beautifully soft intertwining of jasmine, rose and gillly flower. The middle notes of sambac jasmine exhibit a sweet fruity note reminiscent of apricots and bananas mixed with citrus filled orange blossom. The balanced quantities of scents give the feel of an intriguing environment. Airy crystal base notes of white musk consisting of three types; woody-amber odour of ambroxan, minty patchouli duo (from Indonesian and Guatemala), providing the provocative classic signature base.


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