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Bakhoor is a traditional scent made from soaking wood chips in perfume oils. Traditionally, Bakhoor fragrances are used around Arab and Persian traditional housings. It is used to provide a soothing fragrance to the house and get rid of any odor. You can buy the best quality Bakhoor HERE.

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Bakhoor is made by soaking wood chips in Fragrant oils. The oils are usually Oud oils which are oils that are extracted from the rare Aquilaria Tree. There are other fragrances that are used in Bakhoor including Sandalwood, Agarwood, etc. You can check this website for more about Bakhoor.


Bakhoor must be burned to release the fragrance, which is typically woody and earthy. The burning of the wood is usually done in a traditional Mabkhera, which is Arabic for “the Fumer”. Makhberas come in different varieties. They can be made of different materials such as wood, ceramics, or metal. There are also many modern varieties but most people prefer the traditional method of placing charcoal to burn Bakhoor.


The first and primary benefit of Bakhoor is that it is a safer option than chemical air fresheners. The aroma is extremely relaxing and reduces stress. The scent also improves sleep quality and helps promote deeper and more peaceful sleep.


  1. Fine Incense Bakhoor This is a type of Bakhoor that is made from the shavings of Agarwood which are made into fine fragments. These fine fragments are mixed with natural resins and then the mixture is perfused with either an essential or natural oil. On some occasions, the powder is made into small balls or coins by using a binding agent like gums.

  2. Natural Oudh Wood Chips Wood chips differ in fragrance and their fragrance is unique compared to other perfumes. This is because of the special property of Agarwood. Natural wood chips do not need any fragrance as they are already fragrant themselves from the heartwood of Aquilaria trees. |

  3. Soaked Oud Wood Bakhoor This type of bakhoor is prepared by cutting the wood pieces into smaller pieces and then soaking them in attar till the oil goes through the wood completely and then dried. The benefit of this type of bakhoor is that when it is placed on a hot plate or charcoal, the oil is forced out of the chips releasing the aroma into the air. When the oil is completely burned out, the wood burns itself secreting the natural resin and releasing its majestic aroma into the atmosphere.


  1. Use a flame lighter to instantly light l charcoal.

  2. Place the desired amount of fine Incense (Bakhoor) on the ready charcoal.

  3. Place in an open place for refreshing

  4. Never leave unattended or near anything catch fire. Keep away from children or pets. Place in a stable heat resistant place.

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